How to solve the toothache at home

Home remedy for toothache
A household remedy is a simple medical action, the private, often family survived and that with simple domestic resources is feasible. Often certain foods or teas, and compresses and hot or cold applications such as baths.

Even with toothache can alleviate the worst symptoms, and so the waiting time until the dentist visit shorten. The first warning sign of incipient tooth pain when looking at the revenue base of sweet, sour, hot or cold food a slight pull feels pain. Inflammation and swelling in the teeth of the fiercest pain, are the distress of our ...


The pain, however, you can positively influence. You can use Mother Nature for help, because nature keeps its herbs, fruits and vegetables, with the sun, air and water, many healing therapies and treatment options for us. The Naturopathy offers many options, you just know it must understand and apply.

Equally it may be helpful, a clove as close as possible to the aching body to chew. Another old house recipe reads; fresh kale leaves from the thick midrib cut out, the pasta sheets with soft wood walking on a linen cloth and put it with the leaves on the cheek on the aching body press.

If the first teeth break through the gums, it is also too small injuries to the children's very painful to be. In this case it may help if a piece of apple in a cold washcloth and put the child to bite leave. The cold is soothing and the apple tastes.

Besides herbs, there is the possibility of acupressure.
You must with the thumb nail on the index finger right next to the foreign press fingernail. That hurts, but the pain disappears in the tooth.

More tooth pain points: Place the thumb firmly on both sides of the midline of the skull. Push the middle finger in front of the earlobe into the skin, pressing your finger on the thigh before the hips firmly into the flesh and then massaging the thumb side above the wrist. Finally, you can at the lower third of the leg and behind the outer ankle firmly with thumb and forefinger massaging hilltops.

Regardless of which method and House Appropriations against toothache they decide. We wish you well soon, hopefully with the effective household remedy.